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Real Estate Investing

We know what it takes for you to succeed.  Our expert agents have an eye for a deal and know how to find them even if they aren’t in plain sight.  Whether you are an investing pro or just starting out, we can help you find the right properties for the right price.  With our knowledge and professionalism, we are successful in helping our customers excel in the residential market as well as the commercial market.

Common myths of real estate investing:

  • You HAVE to have cash.

  • FALSE!!!  Real estate investing is NOT just for the wealthy.  Sometimes it’s better to use OPM (other people’s money) when investing.  That way you still have cash on hand for the next deal that comes along.  Being a cash buyer means you may have a little more negotiating power and a faster closing but at the end of the day money is money.
  • You need to have experience.

    • FALSE!!!  With the right guidance and a trusting relationship with your Realtor, anyone can invest in real estate and succeed.  The trick is to find a property that will net you a monthly profit as well as a substantial profit if you choose to sell the property later on.  A $25,000 home seems like a steal but if you have to put $20,000 into it and the market value is only $30,000 you are not getting a deal.  Our agents help you do the due diligence necessary to make sure you are finding the best properties at the best prices.  You will gain the experience you need by working closely with our agents.

  • All investment properties are fixer-uppers.
    • FALSE!!!  There are some amazing deals on homes that are move-in ready or “turn key”. 
    • They are ready to be rented and start making you money.  If you aren’t the “handyman” type, not a problem.  Our agents love the challenge of finding the next best deal.  We keep an active search running; and the moment a new property hits the market that falls into that category, we are calling and emailing our investor customers to give them the first opportunity to make an offer on the property.  We don't wait for someone else to get there first.